Day 1 : Antananarivo – Nosy Be

Flight to Nosy Be. Reception and transfer to the hotel.

Free night at the hotel of your choice. (Lunch and dinner free)

Day 2 : Nosy Be – Ankify – Ankarana(2h30 of road)

After breakfast, transfer to the pier for a 30mn boat trip to the village of Ankify. Meeting with your guide, briefing and en route to reach the Ankarana National Park. We cross the cocoa plantations, vanilla, clove ... arrived at the east entrance of the park, we begin a first foray with easy walks at your own pace. Free lunch on site.

Free night at the hotel of your choice. (Lunch and dinner free)

Day 3 : Le Parc national de l’Ankarana

The Ankarana National Park is in the northern part of the Diana region. Tsingy, sacred lake, botanical trail, Andohalambo canyons and dolines, caves of stalactites and stalagmites, bats, or crocodiles. It is the largest underground network in Africa. It is a park of great adventures between wild and mystical nature. The inventories listed 60 species of reptiles and amphibians, 96 species of birds, 50 species of molluscs and a large number of tsingy snails. 14 species of bats, half of Madagascar's bats live in the Ankarana caves. Two of them, the Megachiroptères and the Microchiroptères, are respectively the smallest and the biggest bats in the world:
11 species of lemurs live in Ankarana. It is also in this park that the famous Propithecus perrieri, known as the vernacular black Propithèque, was last seen by the park's agents in 1995 and 1996. At least 330 plant species are known in Ankarana. Most trees bear deciduous leaves and many bloom from September to November. Several species endemic to the extreme north are found in Ankarana: Pachypodium baronia, Adansonia perrieri, Delonyx velutina, Hildegardia erythosyphon. Several walks will be proposed according to your physical conditins and at your rhythm:

  • The circuit of the Grotto of the Bats,
  • The circuit of the Loss of rivers, The circuit of Tsingy Meva,
  • The Tour of Tsingy, The Circuit of Tsingy Rary,
  • The Grand Tsingy circuit of Benavony,
  • The circuit of the Point of view of Ambohimalaza,
  • The Lac Vert circuit. The circuit of the Andrafiabe Cave and the Cathedral,
  • The circuit of the Skeleton Cave,
  • The circuit of the Cave of Milaintety and Potamochères,
  • The Rivière Verte circuit and the first canyon,
  • The circuit of the Grotto of Antsironandoha,
  • The circuit of the Cave of the Crocodiles and the Lake of Ampandriamborona.
  • The Circuit of the Cave of Pigeons and Lake Mangily

Free night at the hotel of your choice. (Lunch and dinner free)

Day 4 : Ankarana – Ambanja – Nosy Komba (2h30 of road)

Early in the morning from 6:30 am, en route for a detour to Ambanja for a stop in the Millot plantation. In one of the most beautiful plantations in the world, discover the cocoa route, at the source of the biggest chocolates, vanilla, peppers, pink bay and other spices ... but also discover the essence of the greatest perfumes Ylang, vetiver, Patchouli, vanilla ... in the heart of the most famous cocoa plantation in the world. This plantation that provides the largest Chocolatiers in Cocoa Fine has existed for more than a century. A century of tradition and dedication to the cult of quality and excellence. You will discover how it grows a rare variety of cocoa, how in the course of the culture, the harvest, the Preparation these cocoa pods will become one of the best chocolates in the world. The greatest starred chefs have come to this Plantation to discover the secrets of this rare quality. You will discover how patiently young women sort pink roses grains by grain with a brush, you will discover the secret of four-spice, black, white and green peppers. You will touch the centenary tradition and you will stop at the primary school and the village of employees of the Plantation you will finally discover the true sense of fair trade. Transfer to the pier and sailing to your hotel.

Free night at the hotel of your choice. (Lunch and dinner free)

Day 6 : Nosy Komba – Croisière

Day 7 : Croisière

Day 8 : Croisière

Day 9 : Croisière – Nosy Komba

Day 10/11 : Nosy Komba

Day lazed at your hotel. Several activities possible on site.

Day 12 : Nosy Komba – Nosy Be – Antananarivo