The Makay

The Makay lies about 220 kms north of Ranohira and is reachable by dirt tracks only

The Makay is the northern part of a massif cut in two by the river Mangoky.  The southern part is known as Isalo. The massif was formed during the Jurassic period. Though the Makay hasn’t yet been developed and hasn’t received the status of a national park like the southern part “Isalo National Park”, this wild and rugged massif is definitely worth a visit.

Day 01: Ranohira – Beronono (8 to 9 hours by 4×4; 220 km)

Taking the road to the north along the Isalo range we drive across the savannah to the Mangoky river. After crossing the river by ferry, we will stop to Beroroha for lunch ;  let’s follow the track which brings us to  Beronono at the edge of the Makay, here we meet the porters that will carry our equipement, 

Night on the river bank.

Day 02: The Makay massif (6 to 8hours per day on foot)

On foot, we follow a small river upstream which leads us into the Makay massif. 

Night on the river bank.

Day 03: The Makay massif

We go through strangely shaped canyons and walk through shallow rivers.

We camp at Nosylahy next to a canyon

Day 04: The Makay massif

After hiking up the plateau, you will have a magnificent view of the Makay and its surroundings.

We camp on the shore of the huge lake “Sariaka”

Day 05: Makay – Beronono

We visit a beautiful and enormous cave before following a small track leading back to Beronono

Day 06 Makay – Ranohira

Taking small roads, we travel back south to the Bara region through a desert landscape

In the evening we will arrive back in Ranohira.

Night at your hotel

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